Registered Nurse Programs Explained

Picking a good college is important for any nursing student. It's important to find a school with excellent rankings, adequate classroom size and most of all, one that can provide an excellent education. There are many registered nurse programs available which is why choosing the right one is very important.

Associates Degree in Nursing

Earning a degree at the associate's level of nursing sets the foundation of knowledge and expertise for your career. Considered an entry level degree in the nursing field, it will qualify a student for many jobs in health care. Often a first step for those who want to advance their skills as a registered nurse, an associate's degree will teach students the technical skills needed, and is a popular choice for students who want to begin working in a shorter time period than the four year bachelor's degree allows.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing, otherwise known as BSN, is an important degree to have in order for a long career in the nursing field. During this four year program, students will learn more in depth principles of nursing as well as courses in nursing etiquette, nursing science and leadership. Qualifying to take the NCLEX-RN is possible with a two year associates degree, but a four year degree will provide a more thorough preparation to set students up for success during the exam and for their career.

Masters of Science in Nursing

Many RN's find it worthwhile to go back to school at some point in their career for an advanced nursing degree such as the Masters of Science in Nursing. Registered nurse programs of all levels will qualify students to take their exam, but earning a master's in nursing allows specialized studies such as adult, geriatric, acute care and family nursing. Continuing education in the nursing field is an important part of growing as a nurse and improving skills, qualifications and on the job training at an advanced level.

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Doctorate in Nursing

Unlike the other registered nurse programs, getting your doctorate in Nursing is available in two ways. The Doctor of Philosophy is a PhD program focuses on the academic side of nursing; while the Doctor of Nursing Practice focuses on a nurse oriented practice. Registered nurse programs such as the Doctorate in Nursing include advanced leadership skills, qualifications for a number of health care environments, and increased experience and knowledge of patience outcomes and nurse applications.

The Value of Accredited Nursing Programs

Finding the right nursing program is an important of a step as finding the right nursing job. Depending on the amount of time you want to take pursuing your degree and the amount of money you want to spend can greatly vary from one program to the next. Registered nurse programs all offer fundamental skills that are necessary to qualify anyone to be a RN, but whether you choose an accelerated program or a two year associate's degree is a personal choice.

Enjoy taking the time to research a nursing program to fit your requirements. When making a decision as important as your nursing education, invest in researching a school's nursing program before committing.

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